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Stephanie Hatch

Originally from Kent, Steph is a self-taught all-round creative with experience in mosaics, up-cycling, watercolour and calligraphy.


After attending her first pointed pen calligraphy workshop in Surrey in 2019, she decided this was her calling and after some practice, decided to start her own small calligraphy business offering hand lettering services, including signage and window art.


Having developed her skills, Steph moved away from the rigid, traditional style pointed pen calligraphy, and has developed a more relaxed and modern approach using brush pens and watercolours.


Steph loves to experiment with her artwork, have fun and try new things, and is so excited to start her tutoring journey at The Studio to help you do the same!

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If you are interested in a course that we don't offer, please get in touch, and we will try to add it to our offering

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