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Jenni Richards

Jenni has been teaching for many years and is experienced with adults and children, SEN and adults with behavioural difficulties.


With a background and qualifications in Interior Design, Jenni has developed her expertise and channelled it into textile design, running a business successfully selling bespoke hand stitched lampshades. She has further developed her skills and has had many commissions for hand embroidered stitched paintings.


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Jenni's approach

Her aim in teaching is to enable learners to relax and enjoy the experience of creating.  With an emphasis on mindfulness, Jenni advocates creativity to enable well-being.


The very process of making something by hand slows the entire body.  The blood pressure drops, the breathing slows and the mind relaxes into the process.


Using textiles, acrylics and mixed media in a variety of forms, the learner will enjoy the process of discovering new media and new techniques, with an emphasis on the enjoyment of creating without the worry of the end result.


If you are interested in a course that we don't offer, please get in touch, and we will try to add it to our offering.

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